Saying the following as much as you can on a regular basis will help you spiritually and elevate your good deeds with Allah.

Allahu akbar (God is Great): This is known as Takbeer

Alhamdulillah (All praise is due to Allah): This is known as Tahmeed

La ilaha ilallah (There is no god but Allah): This is known as Tahleel

Subhan’Allah (Glorious is Allah or Glory be to Allah): This is known as Tahleel Tasbeeh

Astaghfirullah (I seek forgiveness from Allah)

In Hadith, Sahih Muslim: It is reported on the authority of Aisha that Muhammad (صلي الله عليه وسلم) said, ‘Everyone of the children of Adam has been created with three hundred and sixty joints; so he who declares the Greatness of Allah (i.e, saying ‘Allahu akbar’) God is great, praises Allah (‘Alhamdulillah’), declares Allah to be one (‘La ilaha ilallah’), glorifies Allah (‘Subhan’Allah’), and seeks forgiveness from Allah (‘Astaghfirullah’), and removes a stone or thorn or bone from people’s path, and enjoins good and forbids evil, to the number of those three hundred and sixty, will come upon the evening that day having rescued himself from Jahannam (The Hellfire).’

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