Tips for Hajj

Here are some of our personal tips for your Hajj trip.

What items do I need to take with me?
Much literature regarding this journey give long lists of items you need to take with you. In my experience this is not necessary. Below are the basic items you will require on your Hajj for your piece of mind. Every single item you require including those listed below you can purchase locally. I advise this for two reasons 1) You are saving yourself from carrying large bags of items which can be an inconvenience to yourself and other pilgrims and 2) You are helping the local economy sustain itself. Note most of the local traders are a mixture of small businesses and larger traders.


Remember: During Hajj, you are a guest of Allah and your patience and humility are important on this journey. If there is one word I can advise it is PATIENCE. Do not forget you are amongst millions of other pilgrims all trying to achieve the same thing.

May Allah accept all Haji’s Hajj.

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